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Cleaning Services

As a long established cleaning company responsible for a multitude of cleaning services that include tile cleaning, grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning for commercial and residential properties here in Key West, Florida, we take tremendous pride in the quality of our cleaning services as well as the satisfaction of our customers. While we may not be the largest or oldest cleaning company, we certainly boast cleaning services with the utmost in quality!

Tile Cleaning Services

We offer a comprehensive cleaning process to support our top-notch tile cleaning services. Here's how it works.
1. This solution is then neutralized with another non-toxic solution and vacuumed with a commercial vac.
2. Our proprietary color sealant is then injected into the tile's grout lines and brushed to ensure even application.
3. We then clean & buff the entire tile surface to restore its original shine.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Much like the tile cleaning services we offer, our carpet cleaning services are renowned for their thoroughness and focus on quality! Our process, while simple in appearance, is highly effective in its results.
✔ Affordable – We offer a great return for a minimum out of the pocket cost.
✔ Safe – Our natural cleaning products are non-toxic, residue-free and safe to use around the entire household!
✔ Effective – No soggy mess. Low humidity in your home or business.
✔ Efficient – Removes soil, grease, dirt, spots, spills, and grime.
✔ Eco-Friendly – Safe for the environment.

If you have additional questions regarding our services or if you would like to schedule a free consultation, please give us a call at (305)923-0078