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Why Us?
(It's quite simple, really.)

Our commitment to quality cleaning services for both of our commercial and residential customer base is one of the main reasons why our company is as successful as it today! Our seasoned cleaning crews combine speed, innovative cleaning techniques, and a penchant for going above and beyond to ensure the absolute satisfaction of our fellow business and homeowners here in Key West to Marathon, Florida.

Proven Commercial/Residential Floor Cleaning Experience

Having been a fixture in the local cleaning industry here in Monroe County, Florida for over 2 decades(and still counting!), we are able to ensure the property of our preferred clients is veritably spotless once we are done applying our professional cleaning methods, techniques, and tricks-of-the-trade! As per our standard here at Carpet Lady and Floor Guy, we do not cut corners; however, we do ensure they are cleaned! We use eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious cleaning products to ensure the safety of all tenants and denizens of your commercial or residential property. We look forward to adding YOUR property to our storied list of well-earned cleaning accomplishments.

Unmatched Property Floor Cleaning Versatility

Armed with years of cleaning experience, state-of-the-art cleaning tools & products, and a genuine desire to provide quality cleaning services, our commercial cleaning crew is as well-rounded as they are timely. Whether your commercial and/or residential property features carpet or tile (grout included!) flooring as well as upholstered furniture that is in desperate need of cleaning, restoring, and possibly salvaging,Your wood floors. The versatility our professional floor cleaners is without peer in terms of quality and reliability. This ultimately results in many commercial/residential clients re-using our cleaning services and/or highly recommending our cleaning company to colleagues and coworkers alike!

Superior Commercial/Residential Cleaning Efficiency

In order for our professional cleaning crew to affect a truly efficient cleaning contract for our valued clientele, we ensure each commercial/residential cleaning project undergoes our tried & proven methods of cleaning success. Typically, our cleaners become better acquainted with the customer's property and its features: hardwood or tile flooring, full or partially carpeted, or somewhere in between. After the flooring type has been identified and measured, an economical and efficient cleaning approach is established to effectively clean the residential/commercial property at the discretion of the client and their schedule.

Flexible Residential/Commercial Floor Cleaning Scheduling

As a part of our tireless journey of providing world-class commercial/residential cleaning coverage for carpet, tile & grout, as well as upholstery, we are proud to offer some of the most convenient and complete coverage oriented cleaning options you'll find throughout all of Key West to Marathon, Florida! Whether you require emergency cleaning for your residential and/or commercial property or would like us to incorporate a scheduled/routine cleaning plan to ensure the residential/commercial property's cleanliness hospitality, we are more than happy to accommodate most schedules, and we are definitely competitive with our budgeting and pricing!

If you have additional questions regarding our services or if you would like to schedule a free consultation, please give us a call at (305)923-0078